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Championing Dreams: The Inspiring Journey of Quincy and Zion from LEO Golf Academy to College Golf

In the world of golf, dreams are nurtured and champions are born. Two exceptional talents who have embarked on a remarkable journey are Quincy Leonard and Zion Hall. Hailing from the LEO Golf Academy, they are now pursuing their dreams of playing college golf, with Quincy at Florida A&M University and Zion at LeMoyne-Owen College, the only HBCU in Memphis, TN.

Quincy's Transition to College Life

For Quincy Leonard, the transition from high school to college life has been nothing short of transformative. He is now proudly representing the Rattlers of Florida A&M University on the golf course. Quincy emphasizes that the biggest adjustment he has had to make is taking charge of his own decisions, a significant shift both academically and as an athlete.

"In college, I have to manage my time for studying, golf practice, and my social life. It's a whole new level of responsibility, but I'm grateful for the training and discipline instilled in me by LEO Golf Academy over the years," Quincy shares.

Zion's Academic and Competitive Ascent

Zion Hall, an alumnus of Valiant Cross Academy in Montgomery, AL, has also made waves in the collegiate golf scene. Currently honing his skills at LeMoyne-Owen College, Zion reflects on the academic transition, saying, "Academically, I've had to adapt to writing and reading more often than I did in high school. As an athlete, the level of competition elevates to a whole new level."

Zion also notes that the pressure to perform well and post impressive scores in tournaments adds an extra layer of challenge. However, it's a challenge he's ready to embrace as he continues to pursue his passion for golf.

A Grateful Nod to LEO Golf Academy

Both Quincy and Zion attribute a significant part of their success and adaptability to the invaluable training and mentorship received at LEO Golf Academy. The academy, under the guidance of Coach LEO, has played a pivotal role in shaping their journey from promising golfers to college athletes.

A Proud Coach

Coach LEO, the mentor behind their golfing prowess, expresses his immense pride in Quincy and Zion. He firmly believes in their potential to achieve greatness in whatever path they choose. Their journey from LEO Golf Academy to college golf is a testament to the nurturing environment provided by their academy and the unwavering dedication of these two young champions.

In the world of golf, dreams take flight, and Quincy Leonard and Zion Hall are soaring toward success. With their talent, determination, and the support of institutions like LEO Golf Academy, there's no doubt that they will continue to make their mark on the greens, and in life beyond the golf course. Their journey is an inspiring reminder that with the right training, mentorship, and a passion for the sport, dreams can indeed become a reality.


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