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Swinging Success: The LEO Golf Academy 2 Person Scramble Shootout

On September 30, 2023, golf enthusiasts from near and far gathered at the

LEO Golf Academy fundraiser at Gateway Park Golf Course in Montgomery, Alabama, for a day of camaraderie, competition,

and unforgettable moments. The LEO Golf Academy, renowned for its commitment

to excellence in golf education, hosted the 2 Person Scramble Shootout, a

thrilling event that left everyone with lasting memories and smiles that

stretched from ear to ear. We're excited to share the highlights of this

remarkable day, captured through the lens of the talented photographer,

Rachel Duxberg. Be sure to check out her stunning photos that perfectly

encapsulate the magic of the tournament. #wherechampionsarebornagain #leogolfacademy #juniorgolf #champions

Click link below to see pictures:

Check out Rachel Duxberg on Instagram @rachelduxberg and Facebook Rachel Duxberg Photography


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