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Junior golfers, Miqwez and Jamarion Green

In the sprawling greens of the Gateway Golf Course in Montgomery, Alabama, two remarkable young African American junior golfers, Miqwez and Jamarion Green, have embarked on a transformative journey that is changing not only their lives but also their perception of what’s possible. With perseverance, talent, and community support, these brothers are proving that the game of golf can transcend circumstances and pave the way to a brighter future.

Gateway to a New Passion

It all began with a chance encounter at the Gateway Golf Course. Introduced to me by a staff member, Miqwez Green’s story took shape. He initially visited the golf course for fishing but soon found himself wielding a golf club. Recognizing a latent gift, he was provided with a putter to explore the game further. Upon observing his swing, it was evident that Miqwez possessed a natural talent that warranted nurturing.

Miqwez’s younger brother, Jamarion, joined the golfing journey later. Inspired by the dedication of his brother, he too ventured onto the greens. What followed was a testament to their commitment. Regardless of their challenging home environment and lack of stable housing, the brothers diligently made their way to the golf course every day, practicing for hours on end. Their resilience and passion became their compass, guiding them through adversity.

Jamarion, age 10

Miqwez, age 13

From Novices to Competitors

Having only discovered golf in September of 2022, the Green brothers swiftly transformed into formidable players. Their dedication led them to participate in various golf tournaments, where their skills developed exponentially. What stood out was not just their progress in golf, but the positive influence the sport had on their lives. Their story touched the hearts of many in the community.

The Leo Golf Academy, St. Paul AME Church, Gateway Park, the Driving Force Women’s Golf Club, and Valiant Cross Academy rallied around Miqwez and Jamarion. These organizations and compassionate individuals saw the potential within the brothers and offered unwavering support to help them pursue their golfing dreams.

Miqwez enjoys his school studies

Turning Greens into a Brighter Future

Miqwez’s enrollment at Valiant Cross Academy, facilitated by the guidance of the school’s head, Mr. Brock, marks a significant step in his journey. With their newfound stability and a nurturing environment, the Green brothers are thriving. Their journey underscores the power of sport in molding character, determination, and a sense of purpose.

Coach LEO, an instrumental figure in the brothers’ golfing trajectory, shares his perspective. “These young men have tapped into golf as a means of changing their lives and their surroundings,” he says. The transformative impact of their dedication is evident as their tournament scores continue to plummet.

Jamarion likes to practice golf.

As the Green brothers persist in their golfing journey, they are a testament to the profound influence of sport on personal growth and community solidarity. Their story resonates far beyond the fairways, reminding us that through resilience, passion, and support, even the most challenging circumstances can be surmounted. The future of Miqwez and Jamarion Green shines brightly, illuminating a path that bridges dreams with reality through the unwavering pursuit of golf.

Jamarion and Miqwez Green with Coach Quincy Leonard


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